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weiye 發表於 2006-11-22 22:46

[.NET] Hobbyist's Review: Visual Basic 2005 Express

[quote]"Microsoft is pushing Visual Basic 2005 Express as the best language for hobbyists and novices, and are offering it free of charge from the [url=]Microsoft Visual Basic Express website[/url]. Since the price is right, and I fall into the hobbyist category, I decided to [url=]give it a try[/url]. This review is intended for amateur programmers, students and hobbyists who are interested in programming their computers."[/quote]

在 OSNews 引起一些[url=]回應[/url],雖然我覺得是沒蝦咪太多意義的口水文,重點不在 VB 而是在 .Net 平台與語言選擇/差異性。

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