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weiye 發表於 2006-11-1 21:31

[forum] k4 Bulletin Board

名稱:k4 Bulletin Board


版權:在 2.0 Pre-RC1(beta 8,或稱 beta 7.1) 之前為 MIT License (官方稱作是還在 develop 的版本)
   在 2.0 RC1 之後為 LGPL License (官方稱作是 stable 的版本)

目前狀態:停止開發在 RC2 版,RC2 版並未釋出。

[indent]支援 UTF-8 編碼,大量運用 AJAX ,此論壇誕生緣起為參加 official Zend PHP5 Competition
(Zend 舉辦的一個競賽),最後取得名次為第 22 名。
該競賽最後排名網址在 [url=][/url]
Zend 官網上對 k4bb 的描述是 "Forum Software, including template engine, dba, etc."
[list][*][b]It's free![/b][*]Works across several popular databases: [b]MySQL, MySQLi, SQLite and PostgreSQL[/b][*]Multilingual Support - Easily change the board's language with use use of k4BB's extensive language packs[*]Unlimited Categories, Forums, Topics and Replies![*]Comprehensive and powerful administration panel[*][b]BB Code, Emoticon (smilies) and WYSIWYG[/b] (What You See is What You Get) support![*]Easy to read and humoristic Help documents[*]Advanced template engine - Separates business logic from design[*]Full category/forum/group/user/faq permission system - control who can do what![*][b]Inline polling[/b] - Put polls anywhere in your post![*][b]Inline moderating system[/b] - manage your forums while browsing them![*][b]AJAX powered[/b] quick reply, inline moderation, quick edit, etc![*]Administration [b]CSS editor[/b] - Manage the styles of your board down to the letter[*]And more...[/list]

weiye 發表於 2006-11-23 01:39

今天發現它的官網也不見了,真可惜,看來只能 google 搜尋了~

註:k4bb RC1 是 GPL 授權,k4bb Pre-RC1 是 MIT 授權。

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