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[網站] 免費 DNS 代管 或 備用 DNS 服務

1. XName: [url=][/url]
This Free DNS hosting service is provided to help people that don't want to lose time and money with providers not always reactive to DNS changes. We can provide you primary [b]and[/b] secondary name server [b]for free[/b] [i](but if you like this service, please [url=][color=#810081]contribute[/color][/url] !)[/i]
All zones hosted as primary or secondary on our main server -, are automatically replicated on our secondary server,

[b]Commerial Usage[/b]
A commercial usage of XName service is possible for small companies. A financial [url=][color=#810081]contribution[/color][/url] is then mandatory to avoid beeing considered as abusers.

[b]multi-users groups (with read-only and/or read-write users) with action logs IPv6 AAAA records zones (with PTR records) automatic modification of associated reverse (or normal) zone Templates for zone creation Zone filling using existing zone data on a remote server Sub-zones creation and delegation IP range delegation dynamic update (see [url=][color=#0000ff]here[/color][/url]) automatically managed, refresh occurs once per hour[/b][/quote]

2. Twisted4Life: [url=][/url]
 有商業版(似乎功能很多),也有免費的第二個 DNS 服務
Welcome to twisted4life, a site dedicated to helping its users make the Internet work for them. Our aim is to provide high quality and reliable managed/primary DNS, secondary DNS and backup mail exchangers.

[i]So what can we do for you?[/i]
[b]Free Secondary DNS[/b] for your domains.

3. ZoneEdit: [url=][/url]

4. EveryDNS: [url=][/url]
[quote]our project to provide free dns services to the internet community.

We provide static DNS services as well as many advanced services such as Dynamic DNS resolution, Secondary service, AXFR service, and domain2web redirection. Of course, our primary service is free DNS.[/quote]

5. DNS Park: [url=][/url]

6. MyDomain: [url=][/url]

7. PowerDNS: [url=][/url]

8. FreeDNS [url=][/url]


[url=]站長俱樂部[/url]有一篇文章介紹 [url=]使用mydomain.com的免費DNS服務[/url]

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